For over 17 years we have specialized in various K-9 services. Some of the services we provide are: Puppy training, novice training, advance novice training, CGC training, behavior recondition, tracking, scent discrimination and explosive detection services.

Our mission is to provide the best training program for each of our canine clients and members. We understand that there is no perfect training method available today. And with over 300 dog breeds, individual dispositions, and breed characteristics, it would be unwise to claim that one dog training method is better than another.
Here at K9SS & AK9HOTC, we take an eclectic approach to training our canine students. Using methods that work, rejecting techniques that don't, and customizing an effective training program for each canine is how we reach our bottom line... A happy, obedient, well socialized dog.
‚ÄčK9SS and AK9HOTC do not use abusive training methods. E-Shock stimulation collars, prong collars, pinch collars, and related training devices & methods are highly frowned upon and not endorsed by us.